About Earth's Remedies

Earth's Remedies, E.R., is a non-profit organization aiming to improve low income communities through shared resources and community involvement. We have assisted young people, at the brink of homelessness, with jobs; which lead to an individual getting his first apartment and additional funds for his family. We helped elders improve their health, eating habits and their dietary intake; which resulted in taking less prescription pills, having better health and one individual exceeded the 1 year life expectancy his doctor gave him. We have successfully tutored students who were once struggling in academics, provided neighborhood students with school supplies, winter coats... and the list goes on!
With Earth Remedies, individuals have access to all of our resources for free! We believe tutoring sessions (Math, Science, Literature, History and Technology) for children/adolescents within the community, assisting adolescents and adults with scholarship, education and job/career resources and gaining access to fresh foods will help create a better community. 
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Ultimately, E.R. seeks to decrease gang violence and drug sells within particular low income communities. Connecting families, communities, resources and organizations contributes to a better and more prosperous environment.