10 Ways to make Meal Prepping Easier

10 Ways to make Meal Prepping Easier

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Mercedes Pickett


  1. Budget Template
    03 Jan, 2018
    Budget Template
    Budget & Savings Are you interested in improving your finances? Well, here you will find financial resources to assist in your journey!   Microsoft One Drive Cloud Link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!At-eVIk5optSn0Fi8N1nLAK3hflx  Notes: Majority of the budget is formula based. If you need assistance try this: Week A and Week B are sample weeks. It allows for you to see which pay period your certain bills can be paid under. The items in blue are formula based. Your savings, total spend, amount remaining
  2. Retirement & 401(K)
    06 Dec, 2017
    Retirement & 401(K)
    Do you want to know more about saving for retirement? Do you need a quick and easy break down of 401(k)?
  3. Pursuing a Career in Technology
    21 Jan, 2019
    Pursuing a Career in Technology
    Are you interested in becoming an IT professional?
  4. Scholarship Search
    21 Jan, 2019
    Scholarship Search
    Minimize College Debt!
  5. Government Shutdown Assistance
    11 Jan, 2019
    Government Shutdown Assistance
    Financial & Food Community Assistance Programs
  6. POWER Smoothie
    01 Dec, 2018
    POWER Smoothie
    Nutrition Packed Power Smoothie
  7. Holiday Giveaway
    05 Dec, 2017
    Holiday Giveaway
    Gifts for the Youth 12/5/2017 : Earth's Remedies is donating toys to families who may need additional assistance in Chicago! This is our first year participating in a Holiday give-away and we are extremely excited.  We plan to distribute the gifts the Friday and Saturday before Christmas. We are really excited to meet up with the parents and present the gifts. Hopefully, our gesture eases some stress during the holiday season.
  8. Studying session and Tea Time with one of our pupils.
    04 Nov, 2017
    Tutoring Sessions
    Free Tutoring Sessions to Low Income Students      Earth's Remedies established free tutoring sessions to allow students on the west side of Chicago. We wanted students in low income areas to have access to free educational resources. Earlier this year, we worked with elementary students in Mathematics and Science and since October started tutoring high school students in AP English Literature and AP U.S. History.      As we gain more volunteer tutors, we hope to expand the number of students we
  9. Donating to Puerto Rico
    07 Oct, 2017
    Donating to Puerto Rico
    Water Supply      E.R. had the opportunity to send water over to Puerto Rico through a local community center in Humboldt Park. I came across this donation site after volunteering at the 'Light up the Lakefront' event for Domestic Violence (October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month). As I was  driving, I saw a group of men assembling cases of water outside of Casa Puertoriquena.       The sight was somber but it was amazing to see the community come together to assist families in